Travel Sizes

Travel Sizes


Arnica Massage Oil - Travel

Warming muscle massage with arnica extract, in a travel size.
Before and after sport or strenuous activity, warm up or slow down with a vigorous arnica oil massage



Birch Cellulite Oil - Travel

Plant-based care for the appearance of cellulite, in a travel size.
Invigorating massage oil for ‘orange-peel’ legs, thighs and buttocks – brisk, effective and entirely made from plants.



Citrus Deodorant - Travel Size

Zesty freshness to rebalance body odor in a travel size.
You want to work with your body, not against it, so spritz on essential citrus oils that make you feel good.



Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil - Travel

Lavish, vitamin-rich oil to seal in moisture for a look of radiance, in a travel size.
A nurturing, enlivening oil with an inspiring fragrance. Creates the look and feel of youthful skin.



Sage Deodorant - Travel Size

Fresh with a clean herbal fragrance in a travel size.
Sage, rosemary and thyme essential oils come together to work with your body’s own detoxifying process to keep you feeling fresh and clean.



Salt Toothpaste - Travel

Fluoride-free toothpaste with sea salt and gentle mineral cleansers in a travel size.
Work with your body to effectively clean teeth. Sea salt stimulates salivation increasing the cleaning power of our pure ingredients.



Sea Buckthorn Body Oil - Travel

Golden luxuriance for thirsty skin, in a travel size.
Pressed from sun-ripened fruits and seeds, sea buckthorn’s oils invigorate and nourish dry skin.



Skin Food Mini

The ultimate moisturizer for dry, rough skin, inn a travel size.
Our best beauty secret – we’ve shared it with our customers since 1926. Now it’s your turn to discover the essence of soft skin.



Wild Rose Body Oil - Travel

Intensely, enriching moisture redolent with precious rose oil, in a travel size.
A veil of silky moisturizing oils, with a luxurious rose bouquet, to pamper skin after bathing



Wild Rose Deodorant - Travel Size

A floral and herbal body freshener in a travel size.
Stay fresh and rosy with a spritz of essential oils to rebalance body odors, safely and effectively.