Uriel Arnica Echinacea First Aid Cream

First Aid Cream For Bruises, Sprains, and Minor Cuts & Scrapes.
This homeopathic first aid cream contains more than 11 herbs that promote healing and temporarily relieve the symptoms of bruises, sprains,and minorcuts or scrapes. Apply cream to skin as needed. Under age 2: Ask a doctor.



Uriel Arnica Echinacea First Aid Pellets

Supplemental Relief for Bruises, Sprains, Swellings, Trauma.
For bruises, sprains, swellings or other first aid needs, dissolve pellets under the tongue for additional relief every hour during the initial phase of treatment. Age 12 and older: 10 pellets. Ages 2-11: 5 pellets. Under age 2: Ask a doctor.



Uriel Arnica Forte First Aid Gel

For Bruises, Sprains, Swellings.
Arnica Forte is a traditional remedy for the temporary relief of bruises, sprains, swellings and wounds. Safe and effective for muscle aches and stiffness due to overexertion, repetitive use and minor sports injuries. Apply to skin as needed. Reapply several times daily. Under age 2: Ask a doctor.